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Capture, record, broadcast, and remotely monitor your computer screen and webcam, record audio
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24 August 2015

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While using any application users often need information or guidance related to different functions and operations. This guidance is usually provided with the help of screenshots and tutorials and in case you also want to provide such help with your product then you can give a try to 1AVCenter The program is capable of capturing screenshots, audio/video files and supports WMV or AVI formats, and so on. It helps in monitoring your desktop, webcam, etc and also enables you to share your screen on internet. The configurations can be changed as preferred to make your PC work accordingly. It is capable of capturing each and every movement at your desktop and forms it into a suitable file.

1AVCenter opens with the screen to select the capturing functions that you want the program to perform. You can select the program to capture screenshots, and capture and record into audio/video format files. Uploading your captured PC screen via FTP is also quite easy. It records the screen activity and shows the files saved and listed on the program screen. The functioning of the program can be confirmed with the preview box on the program screen. It shows the activity that is being captured by it giving you an idea while forming tutorials, what to do next. Sit also comprises of various features like cropping the files size and, you even are provided with the Task and Profile Wizards to change the required configurations. You can even get the program work to in stealth mode so that it hides and records the screen activity without being displayed on the screen. The Settings are easy to be modified to change the different aspects of the program.

1AVCenter is an integration of variety of features that make it the best program to be used for recording and capturing your desktop screen. Rated with 4.5 points the software displays an easy capturing process and saves the files that you can access from the program itself. Overall this utility definitely comes as a great tool for software publishers.

Publisher's description

With 1AVCenter you can record your entire screen or part of it directly to AVI or WMV, capture screenshots in JPG, share your screen over the internet, monitor your webcam or desktop remotely, broadcast your webcam, record audio from any source into WAV, WMA or MP3, capture video from your tv tuner card and external devices, capture video from web browsers and media players DRM free, share your media files on your own personal web site, send media files by e-mail, or upload them via FTP.
It combines the functions of five different programs with a vast sphere of use: capturing videos and screenshots, recording audio from any source, remotely monitoring the webcam, the desktop or the microphone during your absence, broadcasting your webcam or screen in real-time, and also publishing a secure web site right from your PC for you to share your files. The program can also send media and photo files to multiple e-mail addresses with one click and back up all software settings to a single file that you can restore later. 1AVCenter generates media in well-known formats: JPG, AVI, WMV, WAV, and WMA. Users will have no restrains in their work with 1AVCenter and no difficulty operating it due to its intuitive interface. It also works perfectly with Windows Media Player, as well as YouTube, Google Video, RealPlayer, WinAMP, etc. 1AVCenter fully supports Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Media Center, 2003 and Vista-32.
1AVCenter is perfect for those who like to capture and record video and audio from all over the world and from any sources DRM free, for personal site owners, for business-people who have to be present at several meetings at once (the program provides live audio and video broadcasting in real-time, and can create presentations by recording and narrating screen activity), for home-owners and business-owners that need to monitor their web cam or desktop remotely, and simply for those who enjoy sharing photos and videos with family and friends.
Version 2.3.8
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